About Us

“SAMACares” is one of SAMA’s initiatives, through which SAMA aims at raising community awareness on financial literacy in the exercise of its role in social responsibility towards the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In fulfilling its function of protecting consumers of sectors subject to its supervision (banks, insurers and finance companies), SAMA has set “Consumer Protection” as one of its strategic objectives. It believes that consumer protection starts with providing an efficient system to receive and address consumer complaints fairly and transparently, thereby enhancing honesty and integrity in financial dealings among all parties. SAMA also believes that consumer protection goes closely in line with enhancing financial literacy to equip individuals with the necessary knowledge that guarantees protection and immunity against financial difficulties which may be faced in their various stages of life.

Thus, SAMA has established “SAMACare” website to receive consumer complaints, ensure fair and transparent handling of such complaints, and provide an official awareness platform for individuals to refer to for reliable information on financial literacy and the rights and responsibilities stipulated in SAMA’s rules and regulations.


We receive consumer complaints and handle them fairly and transparently within a specified period of time in addition to offering financial education and taking advantage of the best international practices in this area in order to ensure financial soundness for individuals.


Our goal is to have a financially literate and informed society that is aware of its rights and responsibilities, which are guaranteed by SAMA’s rules and regulations.